Following your Dreams (going after what you want)

So I know it’s been a while, but this week I wanted to talk about something that has slowly become more important to me; aspiring to realise my dreams. Interestingly enough though, my aspirations are never actually dreams, more just latent daytime reveries of ‘what if’ or ‘I wish I could’.

A lot of the time, the only thing stopping us from doing what we want is fear; Fear of judgment, fear of failure , fear that what we’d always hoped for isn’t what we thought it would be. It’s so difficult to articulate what I’m trying to say without sounding cheesy, but what I mean to say is that life itself can stop at any moment. Your quality of life can fluctuate or deteriorate and make you miss the times when you had the opportunity to do the things you wanted to.

Many people, I’m aware, may have seen Jim Carrey’s motivational speech to Maharishi University of Management’s class of 2014. The main soundbite I took from this was “you can fail at doing what you don’t want… so you might as well take a chance in doing what you love”. Although taken out of context, I really think these are wise words to apply to life. I see so many people unhappy, stuck in monotonous or unrewarding jobs. And when I say unrewarding I don’t mean financially, I mean spiritually ; jobs that don’t excite the mind or the soul and can leave people feeling stagnant and unprogressive. I don’t know everything about the world of work or about the future for that matter, but I always knew that this was not for me.

Essentially what I will be doing today is giving a few small tips for people who feel the same way, who are trying to prepare themselves for venturing into something new and exciting….

  1.                                  BUT WHAT WILL PEOPLE THINK?what-will-people-think-665x665

The laws of physics tell us that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. As such, change and innovation will give people opportunities to formulate opinions and judgments on what you’re doing. People can often be surprised by individuals that break out of the boxes which society traps them in. It’s so important to remember that ‘people’ are just many of one person. One person that probably has similar insecurities and worries and aspirations as you, but is too fearful to pursue them. Ultimately know and expect that not everyone around you, especially those who don’t know you, will understand or support you, learn not to be surprised by this and you’ll move forward a lot faster. My friend gave me some great advice: ‘ignore that voice in your head that’s saying ‘what will people think’’ those people that you’re concerned about are unimportant people to you, they will not be instrumental to your success.



If you want to try something new with your life, my guess is that you wish to be successful and prosperous in that venture. If you want to be successful you have to be driven and passionate about what you want to do. You can’t be airy and indecisive about your choices by only putting a percentage of your effort and attention towards them. For me, this is a big challenge. I’ve always been quite seasonally obsessive. That is to say that I engross myself in something for a short period of time and after I’ve squeezed all of the novelty out of it, I lose interest. It’s so important to find something that rewards you with longstanding benefits while given you a constant zeal for the live you live. Unfortunately if you don’t LOVE doing what you’re doing, you won’t be able to motivate yourself to continue doing it.



While it’s good to be strong and definite and independent, you will also need supporters around you telling you that everything will be ok. When you first start out, you will have a lot of fears and you almost certainly won’t reach your goals straightaway. Say your goal is to cycle 24 miles from the bottom to the top of a very steep and bumpy hill. You can see, by looking at the top of the hill that there is a peak, and you know that through perseverance you can reach it. Having people around you that encourage you to keep going, somehow makes the journey easier. These people are essential. Don’t expect your journey to be without failure or sacrifice, but remain aware that the people that care for you are there to comfort you at those times.



There are different degrees of ‘success’. Some people might quantify this by how much money they make or how famous they are etc. I personally quantify success by two things: happiness and security. Chances are you will not be the richest, most famous and renowned person within your field. You may not win awards and gain recognition for your hard work. But the way I see it, if you rely on validation from extraneous sources you will never achieve success in its entirety. You will be aspiring to something that cannot be achieved. The question is whether you feel happy with your accomplishments at the place that you currently are? Are you enjoying yourself? Do you feel challenged?

Don’t compare yourself to other people who have more or less recognition or accolades than you do. No two people are on the same journey of development and growth. Continue to push YOURSELF to achieve the goals you want to achieve without constantly worrying about your competition. Thinking practically, your goals must be realistic and viable for YOU, so ensure that you establish a level of security that allows you to pursue them. Stability is really key; financial stability, psychological stability, stability in your home, all must be considered. You must be stable, secure and able to support your own dreams, without having to depend on anyone else.

Today’s song is an amazing piece that I fell in love with after hearing it in a Burberry Ad. It’s called ‘I Won’t Complain‘ by Benjamin Clementine.


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