Why I love to Talk

When I was much younger I used to talk and talk and talk. It was probably why I would get called ‘chatty’ or ‘bubbly’ by most of the adults I spoke with. I remember one of my early English teachers in Secondary school describing my chatter as ‘frivolous conversation’ in my school report.As I’ve grown older I think I’ve grown more conscious of the filter that needs to be placed on my thoughts.

Generally I’m quite reserved, but one of my favourite things in life is finding people with whom I don’t have to worry about what I’m saying or how I’m saying it. I like speaking with new people not only because of their new personalities and ideas, but because of the way that they engage with me. The way that they show passion and enthusiasm in topics that they love and how conversations can go on and on and on until we lose track of time. So in a quick, random list I’m going to talk about my favourite things about talking.


Learning something new– I really like listening to people speak. Especially when it’s about something they are really excited to tell. Talking to people, in my opinion, is the simplest form of therapy for the mind and soul. You can get something off your chest and at the same time as be reassured by wise words, opinions and advice. I love asking for people’s opinions just to hear what they are. The other day I asked my friend to help me chose between two pairs of shoes, very well knowing in my mind that I preferred one over the other. When she told me which she preferred it somehow made me feel better, even though I still vehemently decided to go with the shoes that I liked first.

Passion– People with passions are the most interesting people. The best thing is when someone can talk about a subject for ages and ages. In a weird way, I like to disagree with people in conversation. Not argumentatively, but it’s nice to share differences on a topic and speak through why we feel that way that we do. Passionate people tend to be more animated and invested in discussion, which is more fun for everyone involved.

Craziness &Laughter– It seems that nowadays a lot of people can get laughs from viral videos and vines and TV and film, but my favourite is the most organic form of laughter, through conversation. People tend to make me laugh more than any kind of show or video can. Funny people are so wonderful to be around and they make conversation seem effortless. One of the things I hate most about conversation is what can be described as ‘small talk. This is basic and mundane discussions characterized by banter about the weather or the local traffic and sure to include the ‘hi, you alright’ and ‘how are you’ and ‘yeah good thanks’. Now when you first meet someone, it is normal to expect this train of discussion. But after formalities are out of the way I want to talk about crazy, random things. It’s great when people just say the mad things that pop into their heads.

Being present– To me, the worst conversations are those in which social media is too heavily involved. One of the most important parts of good conversation is eye contact. And for me reading a person’s body language and mannerisms helps me to read the success of the conversation. I tend to talk with my hands, especially if it’s something I really care about. So a proper conversation means putting my phone/ electronic device down, and looking up at the face of the person I’m talking to. Prince Ea made a poetry video called the Anti-social network, which covers the idea that our phones are ironically causing us to ‘lose touch’ with one another. Definitely worth a watch.

This week’s Song for the week is by my favourite artist of ALL TIME, Frank Ocean. Have a listen to the amazing ‘Strawberry Swing‘ From the Album, Nostalgia Ultra. ❤


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